Members of Master Wolf's Taekwon-Do Academies recently traveled to Germany as part of the England Kickboxing Team. Below is the report from

Report by Jackie Holohan

The German open, June 2015. At 7am on 19th, Master Wolf, Brenda, Lucy, Raeya, family and camera man Adam set off from Margate with 33 competitors belonging to the WKU England Squad. It was a long journey, as more than the required to were fasting but we made it safely to the town of Simmern and sat down to a delicious, needed dinner. It was early to bed as not only did I, I mean we, have to get up to make the most of the energy fuelled buffet breakfast but it was now time to put into practise what we had been preparing for. Competition day. 

If the previous year was anything to go by, Saturday 20th June was going to be another long day. This was my second year and it was very similar to the last as we set up a circular base of bags in Room 2 amongst the gathered sports men, women, boys and girls. The experienced men adopted a comfortable position knowing there was a wait before they stepped into the ring where as the youngsters of the group geared up in anticipation of being first on the mats. As I stood there, proud, amongst my team mates in a hall filled with people ready to get started and speed walking officials, hurrying about making it happen, a sea of white doboks reminded me of our first experience of the confusing but oh so fun martial art that is Kumite. Heathrow World Championships introduced it to us and Germany saw the England Squad take home 3 Golds trophies by Frankie Smith, Ben England and Elliot Allen, 3 silvers from Matthew Lear, George Youseff and myself and 2 bronze from Claire Donnelly and Andy Smith. 

Competition day continued to deliver for England WKU with 12-13's first timer Layla Hanif taking home a silver in Pointsfighting (PF) and a bronze in Light Contact (LC) and Bradley Grant bagging a silver in light contact and winning a trophy for gold in PF which was almost the same size as him. 

With most spread out across two rooms fighting, supporting or preparing, the chaos of the day filled the air but with the experienced guidance and advice from Master Wolf, Lucy, Jamaine and the seniors and support from our comrades all were where they needed to be.  As the hours ticked on most were wondering if we would finish before Master Wolf's cut off time and get back to the hotel to have dinner. Or was that just me. 

Trophies were piling in like food on my plate. The juniors won the following:

Jasmine Grant - gold in LC and silver in PF

Ellie Scott - bronze LC

Lewis Richardson - gold in LC

Aaron Cobley - silver in both LC and PF

Corey Scott - silver LC

MMA Nathan Jones joined us for the first time in Germany entering the K1 ring and walking out with silver. 

Jamaine Hemmings went in on the full contact competition this year and won bronze with special support, I hear, from Corey Scott who was at hand with equipment and words of encouragement.  

The women were lucky enough to start before the men which meant we were in the clear when categories ran over into eating time. Claire Donnelly won silver in LC and bronze in PF. Sinead Harper from the same club took home a bronze in LC and I got myself a silver in PF to ornament my dinner table. 

As my tummy rumbled whilst competitors and judges started to disappear into the night, members of the England Squad stepped in to click off points and get the us closer to that last sand bag throw in. All left were tired but wanted to get on the mats and do what they had travelled all that way to do. 

The men were, once again, last to fight and unlike the speed at which they whizzed through the fun that is Kumite the adults Light Contact and Pointsfighting looked like they were heading well into the night. A tough job but if anyone can it was these guys which was proved when they carried out 5 gold trophies in the Light Contact category. Well the trophies were plastic but the side kicking man on top was coloured first place gold. They were Ben England -65kg, Jamaine Hemmings -70kg, new to the adult game Elliot Allen -75kg, Chris Djaelani -80kg and Nathan Jones -85kg. Andy Smith was also up there with the trophy winners with his bronze in -70kg LC. 

In the last fight of the night, as all gathered round, there was not only a battle for gold but for the minutes to do so. And in a one round two minute Light Contact -85kg final Thomas Raybould won silver and Nathan Jones took gold. Trophies in hand the race for food was on. At last everyone was thinking like me. 

Back at the hotel, after dinner and the team photo, it was time to sit, chill and talk. One of my favourite parts of these completion trips, apart from the food that is. And let me add if you are ever at our hotel in the little town in Simmern you have to try the salmon and pike dish. With vegetables, not noodles. 

It is great to have the opportunity to spend some getting to know more about these guys than their gloves in training. It is amazing to be part of a team who support each other as much as those I have met training under Master Wolf's Academy. From comrades looking out for each other making sure we get to the right ring at the right time to Lucy, Jamaine and seniors coaching ring side giving us experienced advice. And of course Master Wolf's inspirational words, expert knowledge, organisation, dedication, love, care and patience with food requests in the mornings. 

In total the WKU England Squad won 35 trophies. 11 Gold, 14 Silver and 10 Bronze. Well done all who took part. 

We did a lot of bonding into the early hours of the morning last night so this report has been written, with food breaks, on the journey back home. It's was a wonderful weekend at the German Open June 2015. I probably didn't do it justice. 


Layla Hanif - Cadet -45kg Bronze LC
Jasmin Grant - Junior -50kg Gold LC, Silver PF
Ellie Scott - Junior +60kg Bronze LC

Jackie Holohan - Adult -50kg Bronze LC, Silver Kumite
Claire Donnelly - Adult -50kg Silver LC, Bronze PF, Bronze Kumite
Sinaed Harper - Adult +65kg Bronze LC

Bradley Grant - Cadet -40kg Bronze LC, Gold PF
Lewis Richardson - Junior -50kg Gold LC
Matthew Lear - Junior -55kg Silver Kumite
Aaron Cobley - Junior -60kg Silver LC, Silver PF
Frankie Smith - Junior -70kg Gold Kumite
Corey Scott - Junior +70kg Silver LC

Ben England - Adult -65kg Gold LC, Gold Kumite
Jamaine Hemmings - Adult -70kg Gold LC, Bronze FC
Andy Smith - Adult -70kg Bronze LC, Bronze Kumite
George Youseff - Adult -70kg Bronze Kunite
Elliot Allen - Adult -75kg Gold LC, Silver PF, Gold Kumite
Chris Djaelani - Adult -80kg Gold LC
Tom Raybold - Adult -85kg Silver LC
Nathan Jones - Adult -85kg Gold LC, Silver K1
Wes Lucas - Veteran -80kg Silver Kumite
Dagnis Brerize - Adult novice +80kg Bronze PF

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