2014 Unified ITF English Open Championships

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th September, MWTA members traveled to Derby to take part in the Unified ITF English Open Championships.

The MWTA competitors ranged in age from 5 through to the adults and veterans, and from white belt through to 4th degree. All members put in great performance which for most will be the last tournament of the year.

The event was well supported and run with a nice atmosphere.

All members took part in Sparring, Patterns and also Special Technique events, and it was good experience and a great learning curve for all who competed. 

Six of the MWTA competitors came away with 2 individual golds or more – Jamaine Hemmings, Jasmine Grant, Kevin Frith, Jack Lettis, Rokas Zilionis and Jackie Holohan.

Master Wolf was also asked to put together a mens team to compete in special event against Ireland and Scotland. The English team came away with Gold medals after defeating Scotland in the semi final and Ireland in the final. The team consisted of Richard Belle (MWTA), Jamaine Hemmings (MWTA), Phil Whitlock (Whitlock Martial Arts), Jason Carsberg (De Silva TKD), Tom Raybould (MWTA) and Adam James (MWTA).

Many thanks to Master Gary Bradshaw, Mrs Elaine Bradshaw and Miss Kimberley Bradshaw for inviting the members from Master Wolf’s Academies.

Below is a list of our medalist from the event:

Male 18-35yrs Black Belt
Richard Belle - Sparring Bonze, Team Gold
Jamaine Hemmings - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold, Team Gold
Thomas Raybould - Sparring Gold, Team Gold
Adam James - Sparring Bronze, Pattern Bronze, Team Gold

Female 18-35yrs Black Belt
Charlotte Jones - Pattern Gold
Deimonante Zilionyte - Sparring Bronze, Pattern Bronze

Male 15-17 years Black Belt
Rizwan Rafique - Sparring Silver
Frankie Smith - Sparring Gold, Pattern Silver
Reece Friend - Sparring Bronze
Corey Scott - Patterns Bronze
Harvey Rigden - Sparring Silver
Jake Gutrige - Sparring Silver

Female 15-17yrs Black Belt
Aysel Garip - Patterns Bronze
Rebbecca Setchfield - Sparring Bronze

Male 11-14ys Black Belt
Thomas Setchfield - Sparring Gold

Female 11-14yrs Black Belt
Julia Krupinska - Sparring Gold, Pattern Bronze
Jasmine Grant - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold, Special Technique Gold

Age 7 & under Colour Belt
Joshua Mather - Sparring Silver
Freddie O’Keeffe - Pattern Gold
Thomas Laskey - Sparring Bronze, Pattern Silver
Sam Ashmead - Sparring Silver

Age 8 - 10yrs Colour Belt
Kian Vickery - Sparring Silver, Pattern Gold
Charley Lettis - Sparring Silver, Pattern Bronze
Sophia Johannson - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold
Mollie Vickery - Sparring Bonze, Pattern Bronze
Phoebe Mace - Bronze Sparring, Silver Pattern
Filip Sonnenfeld - Sparring Gold
Rares Lupu - Pattern Gold

Age 11-14yrs Colour Belt
Kevin Frith - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold
Jack Lettis - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold
Layla Birks - Sparring Silver, Pattern Bronze
Annabel Cole - Sparring Gold, Pattern Silver
Ella Childs - Patterns Gold
Kelly Beaumont - Pattern Silver 

Age 15-17yrs Colour Belt
Thomas Gutrige - Pattern Gold
Emily Birks - Sparring Gold, Pattern Silver

Male 18-35 yrs Colour Belt
Mike Cawood - Sparring Gold, Pattern Bronze
Will Tinsley - Sparring Gold
Rokas Zilionis - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold

Male 36yrs + Colour Belt
Mike Lasky - Sparring Silver, Pattern Gold
Fred Johannson - Sparring Gold
Paul Birks - Sparring Bronze, Pattern Bronze

Female 18-35yrs Colour Belt
Jackie Holohan - Sparring Gold, Pattern Gold, Breaking Gold
Alice Laverty - Sparring Bronze, Silver Pattern

Female 36yrs + Colour Belt
Joanne Hall - Sparring Gold

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